My job is to help others to build income from their laptop using social media. I am offering all the support and tools on how to become a digital entrepreneur with little no experience. I’ll give you access to the right training, the best products to align & work with and info how to run a business autopilot so you’ll have all the freedom to do whatever you want.

I’ll help you to find community of passionated business owners and like-minded individuals here rally behind you, support you and celebrate your wins! 

Bonus is we have a risk-free trial of the same online education and high-converting offers that we used to launch our businesses! You don’t need previous experience because everything can be taught. Me and the team will quide you in the beginning and during your journey


This opportunity is for individuals who would like to take control of their life, who are passionated & driven away from societies ball & chain, jump into the online world and build a life of true freedom and own online business.

This is for the freedom seekers, who want to work with their own terms, secure their future and build sustainable lifestyle. Those who say ”YES!” to new opportunities and adventures. Those who want to do positive changes for their future. Those who want to spread health & wellbeing and at the same time help others and our Planet.  


In a nutshell I do affiliate marketing. Which means we stand behind and promote high ticket products trough automated business systems and sales funnels and earn big comissions (average between 250-3500€ per sale). Unlike a typical salary, this business model has no limits to how much money you can make.

 We hold no inventory, handle any shipping and we don't need to promote our friends and family. But the best part is, we also use the products ourselves! 

We work with several products within the health & wellness company who are heavily focused in natural health and environmental sustainability. As we work with a company, not for them it means I’m self-employed! 




You will grow up into a confident online entrepreneur and business owner with a passion to help others to achieve the same. You can work with your own terms and create your brand as you like it. Be your own boss!

5000+ entrepreneurs in our community

Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs. We support each others, we give tips and help to everyone.  We have weekly zoom-meetings with people all around the world. 

200+ h educational content and working platform 

Learn how to run your own social media marketing online business. The training includes 6 weeks to success, a step by step course spread over 6 weeks to help you set up your business!

Profitable - world renowned funnels

We work with a compensated 8 point commission system that is fully registered as a direct sales plan, legitimate, tax paying, highly reputable international marketing company with offices all over the world. 

Location & time freedom

Work from ANYWHERE in the world. As long as you have phone, laptop and wifi with you. On top of that you can choose your own working hours. Create more freedom to live your life as you desire. 

Take care of your health

You will get all the health benefits when using your own products. Share products with your love ones. Spread the awareness of health and wellbeing. 

What kind of trainings includes on educational platform, examples.